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In this weeks webinar Mark talks to me about” Making the Shift” . I say me because I really had to listen to this video a lot before I began to understand what it meant to me . He talks about a shift in thought . The understanding that power doesn’t come from  an accumulation of things ex: car , house , large bank account , etc. These things are symbols of your power.They are confirmation of your power .They do not or will not exist if you don’t recognize , acknowledge , except and use your power.

We were told in the webcast this week that we are being called to reclaim our authentic self . Part of reclaiming our authentic self ,  is making this shift of thought. spiritualteacher




In our Master Key Lesson 17  we learned that concentration is key to attainment . Paragraph 6 “Concentration is much misunderstood; there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it , when just the contrary is necessary . The greatness of an actor lies in in the fact that he forgets himself in the portrayal of his character , becoming so identified with it , that the audience is swayed by the realism of the performance . This will give you a good idea of true concentration ; you should be so interested in your thought , so engrossed in your subject, as to be conscious of nothing else . Such concentration leads to intuitive perception and immediate insight into the nature of the object concentrated upon.” Paragraph 7 ” All knowledge is the result of concentration of this kind; it is thus that the secrets of Heaven and Earth have been wrested ; it is thus that the mind becomes a magnet and the desire to know draws the knowledge, irresistibly attracts it , makes it your own.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around these passages. I had a realization during one of my sits that I was already practicing this and on a regular basis . I think I became confused when I saw it in the written word . I of course need to fine tune how I go about impressing my subconscious mind and being able to give myself permission to be happy and believe in myself , my thoughts (no matter how big), and my Spiritual Truth. Paragraph 10 of the Master Key Lesson 17 mentions Spiritual Truth – ” Spiritual Truth is therefore the controlling factor; it is this which will enable you to grow out of limited attainment and reach a point where you will be able translate modes of thought into character and consciousness.”

I had to research paragraph 10 a little more and I found myself doubling back to an earlier lesson. Lesson 4- Paragraph 14 ” But when you have learned to control yourself you will have found the “World Within ” which controls the world without; you will have become irresistible ; men and things will respond to your every wish without any apparent effort on your part.Paragraph 15 “This is not so strange or impossible as it may appear when you remember that the ” World Within” is controlled by the “I” and that this “I” is a part or one with the Infinite “I” which is the Universal Energy or Spirit ,usually called God .

I have to let you know that in the preamble for lesson 4 of the Master Key we were reminded that the “I” of you is not the physical body , it is not the mind , but it is something that controls the two . Lesson 4 paragraph 4 states ” When you say ” I think” the “I ” tells the mind what it shall think; when you say” I go” the “I” tells the physical body where it shall go; the real nature of this “I” is spiritual , and is the source of real power which comes to men and women when they come into the realization of their true nature.

These passages definitely had me contemplating all of the things I had learned throughout my 49 years on this planet .The simple fact remains ,that these statements resonate with everything  that is true and good in my life. They helped me understand my new way of thinking . So my take on all of this is; that we need to take control of ourselves and our thoughts in order for us to attain all of the things we yearn for. Through habitual actions we can accomplish anything , but we have to be willing to take a chance , and believe that we can accomplish whatever it may be . You must know what you truly wish for and make sure it aligns with the Universal Energy  or God .



We were supposed to focus on kindness this week .  We needed to observe and record “RAK’S ” random acts of kindness . I thought this was going to be somewhat difficult but it wasn’t .It was amazing to see everyday people being kind. I don’t mean to knock anyone and I’m not trying to. I have to admit that I had preconceived notions as to what  I would see . I entered this lesson as an observer only, no opinions , no judging .

What I realized is that some of the kind acts, I had already assumed were common courtesy , were in fact just that , kind acts . I was under the belief that when walking through a door , you hold the door for the person directly behind you . I used to get upset when someone let go of the door and it slammed in my face . Now I realize that we all have a choice in whether or not to hold that door and be kind or to let go and continue on to our destination .

Thankfully I experienced a lot more kind acts than I had imagined . I was pleased with the amount that I witnessed and happy with the ones I completed . I have to believe the Law of Compensation- give more , get more . I have a lot more to learn about all of the new Laws and Principles that I’ve been introduced to , but I’m absolutely happy so far . This course has to many plusses to complain about some inconsistencies . Still loving it !!!


“Peace be the journey” this is the quote that Mark J uses all the time , it is also a quote from the movie “COOL RUNNINGS” . This movie is  one of four that we were asked to watch for our week 14 lesson and we were supposed to observe and identify the four principals needed to obtain the things in which you desire.I was able to recognize all four things : 1- a burning desire 2- A definite plan 3-The ability to disregard all negative responses 4-Get yourself an alliance with one or more persons who are willing to help you . I have to say I watched this movie a few times in the past and I felt good about the achievements of the bobsled team ,but this time it meant more to me . I’m sure it’s because of the lessons I’ve been taught through the MKMMA course . I was able to associate with their struggle , from the moment they announced their intentions people laughed at them and mocked them and some just out right refused to help . The team persisted and all though they did not win they finished the race. they refused to let anyone or anything get in their way. This movie shows us that persistence is needed to have the things that you desire .


I’d like to thank everyone who has been supportive to me and my family throughout the past month . I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. The thing that I noticed the most this week is I was watching the world with different eyes , now . I felt like people were more sincere or authentic , then I realized that the people may have not changed , that I made a change . That because I have become the observer with no opinion I reacted differently than I would have normally and that these are things I have been working towards and they seem so effortless . I ‘m happy to just be in the “KNOWING”.



This week I tried to concentrate on the index cards with my achievements . I’ll tell you that was hard to do , because a lot of the achievements seemed like everyday things . Some of them  are , but what I hadn’t realized is that to be able to achieve any of them is a miracle .  I had to view the week 12 webinar about three times before I realized that MarkJ  was using something as every day as being a Dad . That we could simply not acknowledge  the things that at one time brought us great feelings of: love , peace , joy , happiness etc , made me think that we get to the place where we forget those feelings  and move through our day not feeling  anything . I think I need to pay more attention to my ”  extraordinary everyday achievements ” because they maybe what I need to focus on when I need to stay positive .alberi