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THE DAILEY SUN June 04 , 2019
Elizabeth Miner-Thrive Life
I’m about to interview an old friend.I’ts been years since we have spent time together.I was looking for a story , for my website that featured someone who has made major transformations in their life . I have a lot of followers who have expressed an interest in people who are actually experiencing their Lifes Purpose.As I was searching for the perfect example, I ran across a name that I actually knew , Isabella Suggs . I had the pleasure of working with Isabella years ago.So I thought I would give her a call and see if she would grant me an interview.Today is the day . I’m not surprised about her living in North Carolina because she always said that was where she had plans on living , but I never expected to see what I am seeing.
The gate to her property seemed to go on for miles.I know she talked about growing her own fruits and vegetables, owning horses and here it is.I can’t wait to see her.
Walking up to her door I realize that this is the property that she described to me years ago.The door flies open , there she stands , I’m caught of guard she’s beautiful, not that she wasn’t before , she was, but this is different she doesn’t look like she has aged a day and she is actually glowing. I had to readjust my thought pattern . I am immediately happy for her,she has found what she was searching for.I can’t wait for the interview to start I’m curious.
I follow her to the back side of her wrap around porch , where there is a lunch table set up.The table is covered with a crisp white table cloth , the dishes are fine china and crystal wine glasses and sterling silverware . The food is bright and vibrant looking . We sit and the interview begins.

Elizabeth : So I see you have been busy . I’m amazed at what I’m seeing here . How many acres do you have ? And , how did you amass so much in the last five years ?
Isabella: Well I have twenty acres of land and how I came about it so quickly is a lot harder to explain . I can tell you it started , when you decided to move to California , to live out your dreams . I had some serious thinking and planning to do.What is it that I want from life ? and Why am I here ? The search was on.I was forty-nine and still not sure of what I wanted in life . The only thing I was sure of was the life I had was not my own and I needed a purpose for being and some direction to get there. I think I told you about finding this guy , Mark J , who was offering a master key mastermind alliance class. Do you remember ?

Elizabeth : Yes
Isabella : Well , it all started there.That was the most learned experience in my life.The program offered more than I could have imagined at the time.It was a journey into my mind. A place I thought I new well but come to find out I hadn’t even scratched the surface.I was tested again and again.The course definitely had it’s challenges, especially since I was working fulltime , but I was determined to find my purpose and follow it.I think I can say that is why I acquired things so fast . I knew what my purpose was and I was able to focus all my thoughts to the things that I wanted and needed, as to acquire them.
Elizabeth : So what you’re telling me is from this one class you found your purpose and followed your thoughts ? dreams ? and managed to accomplish all of this in five years ?
Isabella : Yes
Elizabeth : So I know you have opened a chain of spas, attended and completed a Holistic Healing course, you’re a practitioner now, and you maintain your network marketing business, which I know is expanding every day .
Isabella: Yes that’s right

kassie 747
Elizabeth:When do you have time for yourself ?
Isabella : Every day .I live for me now . I opened the spas because I thought there were people who needed to de-stress get away from some problems for an hour or two.So I opened a chain of spas so that your average working person could afford to treat themselves.The holistic healing goes along with that .I feel that everyone should know what options they have to heal themselves and have a more hands on approach to their own health care . I think prevention is key , so I also hold free workshops in Urban areas around the country to help the people who may other wise be left out of the loop.I still am very active in my networking business and watching it grow brings joy to my heart.I stepped into that business without a clue about network marketing or anything that has to do with owning a business, now my organization is two thousand strong and I’m loving it.These are all my babies the labor was long and strong but they are flourishing.
Elizabeth : So , Is there any advice you would want to pass on to my subscribers or anyone else ?
Isabella : YES !!! Get into a Master Key Mastermind Alliance and start changing the way you think , that is key to obtaining the change you want and need.
Elizabeth : Well thank you Isabella and Congratulations on all you have accomplished .
Isabella : Thank you


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