This week I tried to concentrate on the index cards with my achievements . I’ll tell you that was hard to do , because a lot of the achievements seemed like everyday things . Some of them  are , but what I hadn’t realized is that to be able to achieve any of them is a miracle .  I had to view the week 12 webinar about three times before I realized that MarkJ  was using something as every day as being a Dad . That we could simply not acknowledge  the things that at one time brought us great feelings of: love , peace , joy , happiness etc , made me think that we get to the place where we forget those feelings  and move through our day not feeling  anything . I think I need to pay more attention to my ”  extraordinary everyday achievements ” because they maybe what I need to focus on when I need to stay positive .alberi


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  1. jennifersmasterkey

    I feel like the more I read them, the more I thought of ones that were pretty cool accomplishments which is added to the piles. I agree the first ones were a little more everyday and simple. It does show us that everyday we are achieving things that we take for granted. Rejoice in them.

  2. fawnc

    Isabella, you’ve truly plugged into an aligned key with realizing the things that bring you love, joy and happiness are true miracles. Isn’t powerful to feel how you bring the love, joy and happiness to everything?

  3. flobradleymk1

    I saw the stat that woke me up to the miracle in everything and it was simply that about 200,000 people do not wake up every day. Breath is a miracle. Awesome that we are getting so in touch with the beauty of it all.


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