“Peace be the journey” this is the quote that Mark J uses all the time , it is also a quote from the movie “COOL RUNNINGS” . This movie is  one of four that we were asked to watch for our week 14 lesson and we were supposed to observe and identify the four principals needed to obtain the things in which you desire.I was able to recognize all four things : 1- a burning desire 2- A definite plan 3-The ability to disregard all negative responses 4-Get yourself an alliance with one or more persons who are willing to help you . I have to say I watched this movie a few times in the past and I felt good about the achievements of the bobsled team ,but this time it meant more to me . I’m sure it’s because of the lessons I’ve been taught through the MKMMA course . I was able to associate with their struggle , from the moment they announced their intentions people laughed at them and mocked them and some just out right refused to help . The team persisted and all though they did not win they finished the race. they refused to let anyone or anything get in their way. This movie shows us that persistence is needed to have the things that you desire .

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