I have to say that I’m a little dismayed with week #15 of this course. I’m very late with writing this blog and I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why . I do know that I continued to follow the lessons , have had to adjust and readjust my schedule or routine . It’s like the brain is a bit cloudy and I have to really really concentrate on what I’m reading and doing . I don’t think this is supposed to be happening now but I do know that it won’t stop me and I won’t give in. It’s a little to late in the game for that . I have had many good things come from this course , I’m sure this too will pass . It’s just throwing me off my game , for now . I have to recognize it for what it is and as MKMMA’ERS say” IT’S TIME TO REALLY DIG IN”
I do have to say that I decided to take this issue to my sit last night and my mind was wandering to places that had nothing to do with this issue . I woke up today feeling as if this is my old blueprint acting up , this realization made sense and I feel a lot better knowing where it’s coming from but I now need to know WHY?
I have to wonder if this is normal in the process of this course or if I’m overlooking something .I  don’t know , but I do feel better now that I have written it down and it’s not all jumbled in my mind .  I can only continue to do the work and get my mind back on track . I apologize if I have confused anyone with what I have written here ,still trying to figure it out .



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10 thoughts on “WEEK # 15 CONFUSED

  1. grammyred3

    Are you confused because of the readings or in spite of the readings? They were rather profound and yet challenging, I will agree…but you are back in the saddle! That is what counts, Sister!

    1. litchy08

      Yes I think the readings totally caught me off guard . I had to dig deeper than before . I think my mind just didn’t want to consume this information . I have finally received some understanding.

  2. gregjstrachan

    Just keep going. I find that really taking the reading of my DMP up a level – saying it with so much passion and it hurts helps – especially in the moments when you feeling a little down!!!!!! We got your back

  3. Ellen L

    I love your honesty – I had trouble during week #15, too. I didn’t ask myself “why,” so much as I was wondering “what is it about these feelings of resentment, resistance and discouragement that I’m addicted to, and what can I replace them with?”

    1. litchy08

      Yes Ellen i had so many challenges , this week one after another. Thanks for another way of looking at them , sometimes we as individuals get stuck , in the way we think and handle situations . Thanks again for helping me get “unstuck”.

  4. mkdomfaillard

    Last Sunday I was like you Isabella. If we are “nature’s greatest miracle” we are women and men doing the best we can. Sunday I haven’t written Blog 15 and Blog 16, now it’s done. Keep going and NEVER QUIT ! We all are in the Hero’s Journey…

  5. masterkeylucyb

    Bravo for just jumping back in and getting all the thoughts down, huge accomplishment to be proud of 🙂

    I kind of went through something similar around the same time (as is apparent in my blog too) but I couldn’t really describe it?! I just remember it being wonderful that I was so observant of it happening to myself instead of having the knee-jerk freak out/beat myself up that I had long ago…something I see you can identify with 😉

    Awesome job, keep it up—love and blessings to you!!!

  6. ferialk

    Did you notice that both you and I were going through what I called the glumps. I guess this is where our old blueprint is fighting back. Keep strong and remember…i persist I win!


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