We were supposed to focus on kindness this week .  We needed to observe and record “RAK’S ” random acts of kindness . I thought this was going to be somewhat difficult but it wasn’t .It was amazing to see everyday people being kind. I don’t mean to knock anyone and I’m not trying to. I have to admit that I had preconceived notions as to what  I would see . I entered this lesson as an observer only, no opinions , no judging .

What I realized is that some of the kind acts, I had already assumed were common courtesy , were in fact just that , kind acts . I was under the belief that when walking through a door , you hold the door for the person directly behind you . I used to get upset when someone let go of the door and it slammed in my face . Now I realize that we all have a choice in whether or not to hold that door and be kind or to let go and continue on to our destination .

Thankfully I experienced a lot more kind acts than I had imagined . I was pleased with the amount that I witnessed and happy with the ones I completed . I have to believe the Law of Compensation- give more , get more . I have a lot more to learn about all of the new Laws and Principles that I’ve been introduced to , but I’m absolutely happy so far . This course has to many plusses to complain about some inconsistencies . Still loving it !!!

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